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Tournament information posted below.

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Saturday, December 8, 2018, Boys:

4th: ./userfiles/file/2018-4th-grade-boys-basketball-tournament.doc

5th: ./userfiles/file/2018-5th-grade-boys-tournament.doc

6th: ./userfiles/file/2018-6th-grade-boys.jpg

7th: ./userfiles/file/2018-7th-grade-boys-1.doc

8th: ./userfiles/file/2018-8th-grade-boys-tournament.doc

Sunday, December 9, 2018, Girls:

4th: ./userfiles/file/2018-4th-grade-girls.doc

5th: ./userfiles/file/5thgradegirls.pdf

6th: ./userfiles/file/2018-6th-grade-girls.jpg

7th: ./userfiles/file/2018-7th-grade-girls-tournment.doc

8th: ./userfiles/file/2018-8th-grade-girls.doc



7th grade boys start season with 2nd place


The 7th Grade Boys placed 2nd at the Buffalo Classic on November 17th. Great way to start the season, boys! Keep up the good work!

8th Grade Boys Start Out Season with 1st Place


The 8th Grade Boys took first place at the First Annual Crusader Classic in Mayer on November 10th. Way to start the season, boys! Keep up the good work!

4th Grade Girls Wrap Up Season


The 4th Grade Girls completed their very first season of traveling basketball at the Annandale Tournament on Sunday, February 18th. The girls made tremendous strides in their abilities since their very first practice. You have much to be proud of, girls! Looking forward to seeing you all next year!

7th Grade Girls Earn Silver in Becker


The 7th Grade Girls continued their medal streak with a 2nd place finish in Becker on Sunday, February 18th. Keep it up, girls!